Proxied connections timing out

why does my every connection to dmain while cloudflare proxied connection are enabled times out in browser (getting chromium timeout not cloudflares one)?
i have tried cleaning my iptables rules and it didnt help

Whats the domain and does it work when Cloudflare is paused?

the domain is (use /indexc.html to open cuz index can freeze chromium), it works fine, but ports for example 1234 or 3000 gets timeout while requesting via proxied network, when im switching to “dns only” it works, any ideas how can i fix that?

Cloudflare does not support these ports.

then what should i do to get my domain load them?

You will need to unproxy the records in question.

where can i find that option?

Please use the search, that topic has been covered more than once.

You essentially need to switch your records from :orange: to :grey:.

but the only thing i can switch is whole domain, thats what you mean?

You need to switch the record you want to be unproxied. That could also be the entire domain.

i only have 2 reconds, A and CNAME but i dont see any option to like unproxy port 3000 for example so to get these ports working i have to unproxy whole domain right?

That is correct.

okay, thats sad but now i understand why it did not work, thanks for your answer

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