Proxied CNAME redirects my domain to ClickFunnels homepage

Has anyone had this issue that transferred from ClickFunnels to another funnel platfrom like HighLevel?

TLDR: How do I set my funnels to all be accessible whether visitors type in the www or not, instead of getting the 404 page? When I set my CNAME to proxy, it redirects my domain to the ClickFunnel homepage. But if the CNAME is DNS only, my page rule doesn’t work that redirects all www to non-www, no matter what’s after the domain(dot)com/*

More details:
Moved my client from ClickFunnels to FG Funnels. Their domain is on GoDaddy, but updated the nameservers to Cloudflare.

Here’s the kicker: Whenever I proxy the CNAME (www to, the domain redirects to the ClickFunnels homepage.

I’ve talked with tech support and they had me set both the A record and CNAME record as DNS only. But my page rule in Cloudflare set to redirect www to the non-www doesn’t work. I have my domain set as a permanent 301 redirect for all www to point to the non-www version and added the /$1

Help! This client has a live launch and I need to make sure visitors don’t get the 404 error page if they use the www version (AND it works as non-www).

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