Proxied A record displays wrong page


I have a kubernetes setup and a domain at godaddy.
When godaddy was pointing to google nameservers everything was working fine.

Today i setup Cloudflare and changed the nameservers to Cloudflare.
I double checked that the A record ip’s was pointing to the correct kubernetes load balancer ip.

After some time the page was moved but it now displays an very old wordpress site that does not exist on kubernetes at all.

Switching from proxied to dns only resolves the issue but that is not what i want since i want the DDoS protection.

On a secondary note we also have a stage A record that is pointing to another kubernetes load balancer and that one is working just fine with proxied mode.

it looks like the team was able to assit and remove the former SSL for SaaS hostname. Are you good to go for now @marius5?

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Yes thanks for the support!

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