Proxied A record displays old page

Problems appeared after my site moved and I changed the record for it (domain
After the page was moved it now displays an very old site on root domain that does not exist on servers at all. And Switching from proxied to dns only resolves the issue but that is not what i want since i want the DDoS protection. On new record for same server and same site ( a problem doesn’t occur.

Hi there, your issue can be solved by purging cache files. Do it so from your hosting panel and after a while from Cloudflare panel. Check this #tutorial Purge cache · Cloudflare Cache docs

What i do:

purged cache
turn on developer mode
recreated SSL cert
recreated whole domain and related DNS records

And it didn’t work

You may try these: Purge cache files from hosting panel. That’s vital. Flush DNS cache from os. Clear browsing date from browser. Also check from incognito mode. Try other browsers as well as device.

Was your website hosted at a Cloudflare partner like Shopify, WPEngine or Gitbook in the past? In that case please take a look at the following community tutorial, specifically the “What if I can’t wait for Support?” section.

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Thanks all for support. The site was in Pages - Custom Domains (still be seen why) and problem was in this.

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