'Proxied' - 522, DNS Only - OK

I want to hide my real IP so i try to use DNS Proxy.
Unfortunately after that my website show 522 error.
When i switch to DNS Only - website working good.
DNS Only:

DNS Proxy:

Please follow the steps in this post to solve your Problem:

ok i got it.
everything working OK for port 80, but i need to hide my ip also for alien users who use my services on my home server with tcp ports 2000 and 1111, for example. How to solve that? As i understand, cloudflare do reverse proxy for me only for port 80, but not for 2000 and 1111

You’d need a reverse proxy on your LAN which will catch any request on Port 80/443 and forward them to the destination ports.

Or change the ports to supported ranges. Which are bound to the HTTP(S) protocol btw.

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