Provision domains with CNAME setup in cPanel at a Cloudflare Partner failed


The circumstance and problem here is that:

  1. I have had two domains added in cPanel at my hosting provider which is a Cloudflare Partner days ago, and successfully provisioned them with CNAME setup.
  2. During using, modified DNS records, such as A/AAAA records, didn’t get changed in Cloudflare’s page in cPanel. So I removed the domains from Cloudflare in order to re-add them back for it to change the DNS records. One was removed in Cloudflare’s page in cPanel and the other was removed in Cloudflare’s dashboard.
  3. After doing so, I was going to re-provision them with CNAME setup, but failed with cPanel displaying a red notice bar at the bottom saying Cpanel was unable to to provision '' please contact your hosting provider.
  4. I contact my hosting provider to help me with it and they said it’s OK on their end. I also tried the provision for another domain, both provisioning, removing and re-provisioning were successful.

By the way, I also created a ticket at and am still waiting for responses.

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