Providing similar solution as does

Hey Cloudflare Community,

Since I develop a linux distro, the solution which does provide.
Would this work with the load balancer feature from cloudflare? Since the mirrors provides also bigger files.

So if user from country x gets automaticly the best server via the cdn and the cdn uses the mirrorlist which i provide.

So far I see its a beta feature right now, but i cant find it my account.


I am confused as to what you are asking.

Are you trying to add the cloudflaremirrors package list to your distro or add your distro to cloudflaremirrors?



Sorry for the bad explaining first.

If cloudflaremirrors could provide this like they does for archlinux would be great :stuck_out_tongue:
, but would not happen.

I want to have a same solution which cloudflare does.

User request package to the → cdn will route the user to the best mirror to him → origin

Is such a function with the load balancer feature possible ?

Cloudflare Load Balancing does have Geo Steering:

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