Providing logout functionality for CF Access

Hi, I have the JWT / email address working fine now and I can validate the JWT using the public key that cloudflare make available. I’m planning to use Cloudflare access as a direct way to login to a web application, I don’t see a simple way to provide “logout” functionality. I would like my application to have a logout button but uncertain as to what the functionality behind the button should do. I’ve tried deleting the cookie CF_Authorization and this doesnt appear to have any effect. Any ideas? Thanks


I have found that the following URL seems to provide logout from cloudflare access :-


This appears to do what I want, I just found a reference to this URL in the related post :-

Best of luck, thought I’d update this post for completion.



Hi @tim53,

Glad you found a way that works for you, not sure if this may help too? There is an app that provides a login bar with the logout option, I have never tried it myself, though.