Providing information when performing DDoS attack tests

Hi there!

I am facing the exact same issue as @hiromi.okada in his thread: About providing information when performing DDoS attack tests

What is the exact (updated) way to provide this kind of information?

I am looking to perform a stress test for a client, and I am unaware on how to proceed, since the documentation seems outdated regarding Support for these scenarios in the free plan:

Before you start

You do not have to obtain permission from Cloudflare to launch a DDoS attack simulation
against your own Internet properties. However, before launching the simulated attack,
you must open a Support ticketOpen external link
and provide the information below.

Any idea how can I move forward?

Go on.

The last time we raised this question internally, the response was that customers can go ahead and simulate an attack, it seems that the “heads up” is for those enterprise customers that might face issues while performing the attack and could require emergency support/help.


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