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We have an application in which you log in to see all the services of the company. When I turn on cloudflare proxy for this site, the connection source IP is one of the cloudflare range (, and change every x seconds.
This causes my firewall/balancer close sessions because not coming from the same IP as the initial connection.

I read about True-Client-IP (, but it is only available in enterprise plan.

Also i tried the headers funtions X-Forwarded-For or Cf-Connecting-Ip, but my firewall/balancer/IPS dont read the headers, only the source IP.

Do I have to upgrade my business plan mandatory?

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Upgrading the plan is not going to change that behavior from Cloudflare’s side.

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Why not?

Because Cloudflare is a reverse proxy. Cloudflare forwards requests from the client to the server. Therefore, the source IP will be that of a Cloudflare server rather than the client.


So, what does service True-Client-IP do??

Connections from Cloudflare to origin servers come from Cloudflare IPs. True-Client-IP is a solution that allows Cloudflare users to see the end user’s IP address, even when the traffic to the origin is sent directly from Cloudflare.

It adds a header called True-Client-IP containing the client source IP. Just like CF-Connecting-IP.

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