Provide SSL support for our users (that are not using Cloudflare) subdomains / CNAME


We need to offer a way for our users to create a custom CNAME to our servers, and to provide them SSL.


Our website:
Our customer has got a custom subdomain:
He can create a CNAME: pointing to
It works, but of course, is available on HTTP only (if this customer is not a Cloudflare user).

Is there a way for us to provide SSL support for external subdomains like ?


Is your customer-1 host proxied or not? If it is, it would not work as you explained as Cloudflare would not know about the third party hostname.

If it isnt, it is not really a Cloudflare related question, but you will need to issue appropriate certificates yourself. What it basically comes down to is that your customers will need to add their domains to Cloudflare if they want certificates from Cloudflare.

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