won't load with warp on WIndows and both won’t load in my Windows browser (Firefox or Brave) when Warp+ is on. It just keeps spinning (there’s a loading graphic that never goes away). The second I turn off Warp+ it loads. I see a lot of content security violation errors in the console. I don’t know if they are relevant.

Using a browser on my Android phone, I have no issue.

Hi @JerryL,

Have you reported this through the feedback option in the app?

Yes. But, I’m posting here to see if others have the issue and if anyone who did has found a workaround.

It works in Chrome for me

Hi. Thanks for the reply.

Are you using Warp+ on Windows (not just Are you actually able to get logged in and refresh the screen?

I found I had to reload the login screen a time or two before Protonmail let log in with my credentials.

Thanks, @sdayman. So, after refreshing about 16 times I got the login page. I also added Chrome and even IE to the test to make sure it’s not a browser issue for me. So, persistence is the workaround. But there is definitely some issue with Windows Warp+ when it works on the first loading without it. Thanks for checking this!

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I’m having the same problem accessing using the Cloudflare WARP app version 1.2.1591.

I’m running macOS Catalina 10.15.7 on a Mac mini (late 2014).