Proton Mail Custom Domain MX/SPF Errors

I have set up a custom address on Cloudlfare and have also set up the catch all feature for email services. I have added my custom address to my Proton Mail account via their specific instructions for using with Cloudflare, however at the end of adding the MX and SPF records needed for Proton, Cloudflare tells me I must delete the records I just added for Proton Mail. It will not allow me to enable routing until I delete them. Once I delete them, the services work correctly, but I get error messages from Proton stating the correct MX and SPF records are missing in the DNS records. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

You can’t have both email routing and an email service. I would recommend disabling email routing and only having ProtonMail.

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Ok, so just turn off Routing and leave the custom address there? Then, just use Proton’s catch all feature? Is that correct?
Thanks for the fast response!

I guess to clarify further, I should leave custom addresses enabled, but disable catch-all addresses AND destination addresses, or do I leave destination addresses on?

It won’t matter if the addresses exist, as they won’t be used.

This is what I do with my setup.

So I made a “[email protected]” address on Cloudflare. I can turn that off as well and then just use that custom address in Proton without having it exist in Cloudflare?

Correct. The addresses are not needed in Cloudflare.

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Thank you!

Ok, so I just disabled my custom address, catch-all addresses, and turned off routing on the Settings tab of the Email Routing page. But, now I have lost the ability to get emails in Proton. Was I suppose to leave the routing enabled on the settings page? I think I shut down too many things…

Or maybe is there a delay in the records catching up? I just tried again and an email got through.

Did you replace the DNS records in Cloudflare with the one that protonmail says to have?

No I did not. I apologize for all of the basic questions, as I am brand new to this and I greatly appreciate you taking time to help me. I think I was staring at this too long last night and confused myself.

  • I have Routing DISABLED
  • I have my custom address in Cloudflare DISABLED
  • I have my catch all in Cloudflare DISABLED
    As far as the DNS records go:
  • I need to delete all of the M X records containing things like ‘route1.m x.cloudflare…’ and ‘…’ and so on, correct?
  • I also need to delete the T X T that includes ‘v=spf1 ~all’, correct?
    After that, I should be good to go?
    Again, thanks for the help!

Yes, delete all the MX and TXT records that are related to email routing. Protonmail will provider you the correct values to set for them.


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