Protocol option!

Hey guys,

I enabled warp+ on my phone (12.08 PB data remaining) but when i check help, is say “NO” using dns over warp.

I wonder i did smth wrong…

Please help me.

See if this link shows that Warp is on:

Go to Settings --> Advanced --> Connection Options --> DNS Settings, from here you can set the preferred DNS option.

In my own testing I never get a “DNS over Warp” result, but as long as you are using DoH or DoT, your requests are encrypted and sent to, so I don’t think there are any further concerns.

I’m not 100% certain, but I believe the “DNS over Warp” means your OS is sending unencrypted requests which are tunneled over the Warp VPN, therefore they end up being secured and encrypted anyway.


Hello sdayman

Is this on or off??

Hello thedaveCA

I dun see “dns over warp” option.

You’re using WARP+ VPN.

Here’s a post that describes the situation in more detail:

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Ah thank you very much.
Have a nice day.