Protections against a malicious user intentionally increasing expenses from Cloudflare Stream?

Cloudflare Stream charges per minute of video watched. I am considering using it, but I have a concern that is making me worried.

What if a malicious user decides to continually rewatch the same video on loop, with the browser cache disabled? They could quickly rack up charges, I think. They could even have multiple videos playing at the same time, or have multiple people/bots watching videos. Even worse, potentially this could be done via a script and may not even require a browser.

Are there any protections for this kind of thing, where a user is trying to waste bandwidth/video watch time?

Perhaps Cloudflare Stream only charges when the user watches the video the first time, and then will not charge if they rewatch the same video right away?

@jumbles we recommend implementing signed URLs to avoid misuse of your stream video.

Let us know if you have any other questions.

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