Need help setting up protection


What exactly?


I have a feeling that I installed it incorrectly) and it does not work correctly,


What did you install and what does not work?


Sorry but we are no clairvoyants so please be a bit more specific.

To clarify
We are not CloudFlare staff and don’t have access to your account. We’d like to help you but we need as much (detailed) info as you can provide to us.


After I purchased the protection on the hosting where I bought the domain, I installed Nsa in the domains and indicated the IP address of the server! But the project persists even when I’m under attack. displays a page that the browser is active Cloudflare is active and domain error


There is a feeling that they learned my direct ip address and through it they try to lie down! Is it possible to hide the server’s IP address so that it does not break through


Pardon? :thinking:

So you manage the DNS entries from the control panel of your hosting provider and not through ? Which proivder do you use?

Would you mind to post a screenshot of this error and addtionally from your DNS settings? you can blurr out your IPs if you want. Most helpful woud be knowing your domain.

That’s possible. But if they know it, they just scanned the whole range and run random attacks or they got it before you’ve activaded cloudflare.

That’s one advantage from using Cloudflare. As a proxy it stays in front of your server showing IP addresses from the Cloudflare network. But to take full advantage of this protection it is neccessary to block requests to your origin IP from anywhere except the Cloudflare network.


Sure, thats a mandatory setup as of, IIRC, October this year :crazy_face:


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