Protection against R00TK1T attacks

The R00TK1T hacker group is threatening to attack Malaysia’s digital infrastructure. As a customer with digital presence in Malaysia, I’m concerned with this threat.

I understand that cybersecurity is not solely Cloudflare’s responsibility, but I just want to know if Cloudflare is well equipped to thwart their attacks should they attempt to hack my services?

That greatly depends on their attack methods. If they’re going after weak passwords, and you have weak passwords, there’s not much Cloudflare can do about that.

N4C also pointed out that the group usually exploits known vulnerabilities while also obtaining assistance from insiders and disgruntled employees in order to carry out its cyberattacks.

Best to patch up your systems. Cloudflare does a pretty good job of blocking for known vulnerabilities if you’re using WAF Managed Rules. But, similar to my comment about passwords, Cloudflare can’t protect you against your own disgruntled employees.

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