Protecting unsolicited outbound traffic originating from our website/webserver

We are using Cloudflare’s WAF/Firewall rules to protect inbound requests to our website, however, how do we get Cloudflare to scan/protect unsolicited outbound traffic originating from our webserver/website? Since it’s not a reply to inbound traffic from their proxy I assume we need a static route to send all HTTP traffic to cloudflare? I assume their WAF/Firewall doesn’t work that way? We considered installing an Agrotunnel on the server itself.

I’ve not heard of this before. What’s causing unsolicited outbound traffic from your own server?

To answer your question, Cloudflare generally doesn’t control outbound traffic from your server. That type of traffic shouldn’t even go out through Cloudflare, as it most likely goes direct to the destination.

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