Protecting subdomains from attacks

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I am interested in your tariff plan for protecting the site from DDoS attacks ,BUSINESS,. My site has over 300 subdomains. Does this protection apply to them or not?
What plan i must choose for protectinh all of my 300 subdomains

Subdomains are just part of the domain, they’re not treated differently or in any special way. Doesn’t matter. With just 300 I don’t think you’ll run into any kind of limit even if you have a DNS entry for each one. And if all/most of them are pointing to the same origin server, you can just use a * wildcard DNS entry to simplify your DNS management. The ability to proxy wildcard DNS entries through Cloudflare was recently extended too free accounts.

Just to clarify you’re just using a single level of subdomain, right?,, that sort of thing? Multi-level nested subdomains like are a problem. Cloudflare’s free Universal SSL edge certificates are only for and * (one level of subdomain). There’s a paid advanced certificate option but you’re still limited by the universal fact that certificates can only contain a single wildcard per name.

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