Protecting port 3306

Hi, I am protecting my website with Cloudflare, however my hosting provider stopped my traffic saying there is a DDoS attack on the MySQL port 3306. I am running a Wordpress website.

Cloudflare did not even notice any anomaly, I did not receive any alert about any attack. Is there a way to protect my hosting against an attack on the 3306 port with Cloudflare?

I am a total noob, so I apologise if I am asking in a wrong way or something like that.

Cloudflare’s normal CDN Product will only proxy HTTP Traffic. That is to say, any traffic sent to yourwebsite.example:3306 wouldn’t reach your origin, as Cloudflare does not proxy SQL Traffic or even have that port open.

It sounds like attackers may have discovered the actual IP of your Origin Web Server (the web server you have behind Cloudflare), and attacked that directly. I would double-check your origin’s security:
At the very least, ensure you are only allowing Cloudflare IPs, and after you do that, you may want to rotate/change your origin’s IPs if you can.

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Thank you.

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