Protect your team with Cloudflare Gateway

Today, we’re excited to announce new secure DNS filtering capabilities in Cloudflare Gateway. Cloudflare Gateway protects teams from threats like malware, phishing, ransomware, crypto-mining and other security threats. You can start using Cloudflare Gateway at Getting started takes less than five minutes, find out how:



Thanks, looks good.

Question though: we have native IPv6 at home but when configuring the location the dashboard guide only shows the IPv4 address - and you can’t add addresses on the free service. It does give both IPv4 and IPv6 DNS servers.

Will the filtering capabilities work over IPv6 as well, even though the location doesn’t show it?

Filtering on IPv6 doesn’t require setting the home IP in the dashboard as the addresses given as DNS servers are unique. Same goes for DoH URLs. Only IPv4 requires an IP to be set.


What @matteo said.

The reason why it only shows the IPv4 address is because to filter your queries we will need your source IPv4 address. As you have IPv6, you will only need to change your recursive DNS settings to the IPv6 address we gave you.


I know I already mentioned it to you, but are there actual plans now to connect that IP to a FQDN? For dynamic IPs of which there a lot…

Thank you folks!


@freitasm Simple use the IPv6 DNS on your network

Probably not.

More than one way to skin that cat. :crying_cat_face:

Which means I won’t be using the service, it’s a shame…

I’d like a mobile solution. CleanBrowsing, NextDNS, OpenDNS… all support DNS over TLS and can easily work with Android Pi’s “Private Browsing”.

I’m loving it

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Any update when we’ll be able to add additional Content Categories in Teams?

Really thank you, really good work <3