Protect Rest API endpoint from external usage

We have public web site with masked rest API endpoint at The /api path is proceeded by Worker and redirects to actual rest API with attached authentication secret. So using Workers and masking 3rd party rest API we have three advantages:

  1. The rest API requests stay on the same domain.
  2. No problem with CORS because - check no 1.
  3. We hide the Rest API secret.

Everything works perfectly but the main concern is how to protect /api from external usage and abuse? Is here any method in CF to protect Rest API endpoint?

Assuming this is just being used internally, I think the best way to secure it with Cloudflare would probably be by using Cloudflare Access, and then using service tokens as authentication, so you just have to add 2 additional headers to your requests to authenticate with a script.

Our web site in public SAAS, not internal web site.

What do you mean then exactly with protecting your API endpoint from external usage?

I mean to let the /api path accessed only by our web site and protect from external usage like external web sites(CORS will do that for us), curl, some sort of software.

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