Protect page with a password

Hi guys,

I would like to protect a page of my forum (admincp) with a password. How can I do it? If I click on “Access” and then on “Access policy” I find email, ip, etc but not password.

Do you want to do this with Cloudflare or do you prefer a .htaccess?

For the .htaccess have a look here: Password protecting a directory and all of it's subfolders using .htaccess - Stack Overflow

If using the Shell is too much you can simply generate a .htpasswd file online: Htpasswd Generator – Create htpasswd -


If possible, better in cloudflare!

Access is designed to allow specific user access. You can permit by IP address, Email address, or SSO. I Bypass by IP address (my home IP address) and Allow by Email (my domain name and other personal email addresses). There’s no global password option, as that’s not very secure.


I have configured everything with the email but I see nothing, where am I wrong?

Subdomain: I leave it blank

Domain /

Path: admin.php

Decision: allow

Includes: emails

And I entered my email address

But if I go to the login page to the administrator area, I don’t see any protection!

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