Protect our website behind AWS load balancer


We activated our domain in our Cloudflare account (the verification is passed).
We want to use the DDOS and WAF in front of our website hosted in AWS.
But we need to keep our domain managed in AWS Route53 (not update the NS Cloudflare in our domain).
Is it possible to create a new certificate with TXT verification which will be used by Cloudflare in front of our AWS load balancer?


The Cloudflare DDOS and WAF features require either a full setup where you update your domain to use Cloudflare nameservers or you can use a partial (CNAME) setup on a business or enterprise plan.

It was that we did. In fact, we had a problem with “Edge Certificates” with only an HTTP validation.
We resolved it when we created our certificate in “Origin Server”.
The doc is not clear.

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