Protect my dedicated server from DDos attacks

hi everyone,

i have a dedicated server for streaming which i want to protect against DDos attacks.

Cloudflare offers us to protect domains, but what i want is to protect my ip address instead of protecting my domain. in other words put the protection on the IP of my dedicated server not on a domain who is connected to my server.

and i have tried to protect a domain, after few hours Cloudflare blocked IP’s of my verified customers(maybe because they tried to connect to my server at the same time). so how to be sure that my allowed customers will not be blocked.

You need either:

  • Hardware or
  • iptables (Linux) or
  • Windows Firewall or
  • Amy other kind of firewall sofware (Opnsense, pfsense… )

Cloudflare does not protect your origin against Layer 3 attacks.

We need more information about what has happened. Error description, error messages and so on.

To be clear: Cloudflare hides your IP adress, bit AS soon as it’s is known they can attack you.

Another question: what kind of streaming?

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