Protect IP address from DDoS


Not sure where to post this.

I need a help to understand how can I use Cloudflare to stop DDoS on my server which is running some games.

I know how to do the setting for domain names for website purposes but not sure for direct IP only.

If anyone can help me with this.


  • What games? Cloudflare only covers HTTP.
  • What do you mean by “IP only”? Cloudflare requires a hostname.

Hi thanks for replying.

I am trying to run different types of games like csgo, minecraft and cs1.6 on my dedicated hardware but other community are DDoS my server which is making all the games to shutdown.

Is there a way to prevent this ?

Neither of these games appears to use HTTP and so you wont be able to use Cloudflare, unless you go for the Enterprise plan, which wont be an option I presume.

Don’t think that will be a good option.

Is there a way to do something on PFsense ?

I am using the PFsense firewall and my server are behind that.

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