Proplem when point domain and subdomains to different hosting IP


I use cloudflare with my main domain name at groupbuyexpert dot com
I point the main domain to hosting IP A (example)
then I pointed the sub domain , adplexity.groupbuyexpert dot com to hosting IP B (this is linux vps)
now, when I visit adplexity.groupbuyexpert dot com, it says error with my hosting. But in my hosting, I already added adplexity.groupbuyexpert folder

I pointed another sub domain : tool.groupbuyexpert dot com to hosting IP C (this is windows VPS), and when I visit this subdomain, it says not found,
so how should I fix?


Now, i fixed the hosting IP C (as mentioned), it is windows VPS
but I have another proplem. If I turn on SSL (Always Use HTTPS), then i cannot visit tool.groupbuyexpert dot com.
but if I turn off ssl, i can visit tool.groupbuyexpert dot com without any proplem
is there any error ?

What error do you get when you try to visit the tool subdomain with SSL turned on?

when i try to visit tool subdomain with ssl turned on, the website is not loading

it says error

Error 522 Ray ID: 58358e446811dce2 • 2020-04-13 13:32:54 UTC

Connection timed out

It sounds like your server isn’t responding to HTTPS connections for that hostname.

oh, it mean that I need to install ssl to that hostname ?

Absolutely. Every site should have SSL before adding it to Cloudflare.

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