ProPlan - Re-Generate Cache after Purge

Is there any feature or workaround to regenerate my Cloudflare CDN Cache (after purge)?
I understand cache i built depending upon the traffic & the geolocation of users.
However, everytime, I make a edit in AdminPanel, I need to purge cache (sometimes of select pages, mostly, entire cache, as changes do not reflect properly most of time with select page purge)

So, is there a feature(or workaround) to regenerate my Cloudflare CDN cache (if not entire site, then atleast recache upto the pages & assets present prior to Purge)

Not that I’m aware of such functionality. If you are hosting WordPress site have a look at Automatic Platform Optimization (APO). It has a good feature to serve content from KV in addition to serving from Cache.

You can generate cache page using XENU link sleuth. But would generate cache from your ISP to your current EDGE.

Only thing close on Cloudflare is for Enterprise plans for Cache Prefetching which prefetches from all 200+ CF datacenters to keep your defined prefetched cached assets warm in each respective CF datacenter. I use CF cache prefetch on my Enterprise plan account and it does help somewhat but I only prefetch assets which make up a page’s critical render path and some select urls which I have full HTML page caching enabled for. You don’t need to prefetch every asset just the ones most useful :wink:

Any pre-warming you do yourself will only populate the cache of the CF datacenter which responds to that request and not all other 200+ datacenters.

@yevgen I think folks would love it if CF APO bring CF cache prefetch to the lower plans :smiley:


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