Property still throttled 2 months after "Congestion event"

Dear Cloudflare Community,

About 2 months ago we received an email that our property had been throttled due to causing a congestion event on the network. We had to turn proxying off completely, and it remains off, for 2 months now. When we turn it back on to see if the throttle has been lifted, it hasn’t - we still get a ~10 second TTFB on every request through the Cloudflare proxy.

We have since made significant changes to the way we serve files to ensure we only need to use Cloudflare on our HTML documents, and not even for CSS/JS, let alone images and other files, which are all managed through our own CDN. We would love to get the throttle lifted so we can get DDOS mitigation again, as unfortunately we are a regular target of attackers.

We have sent numerous support tickets and they all seem to not get followed up after a couple of replies, or they get merged and forgotten. I keep being told that the throttle would be automatically lifted when the congestion event subsided, but clearly this is not the case. I also get told that Cloudflare is not to be used as a CDN, which I absolutely understand and it is not my intention to ever use it as a CDN again (that was, in all honesty, a subdomain proxy configuration mistake, as at the time we still had our own CDN, we just wanted to hide the IPs).

My question is, apart from becoming an enterprise customer (can’t afford it, not by a mile), is there anything else I can do or anyone I could reach out to about this?


Are any of your support tickets open/pending or have then all been closed? Also are you on Free, Pro or Business?

Thanks for your response.

I can’t tell what state the different tickets are in. In most cases I have left a reply, and not heard back, either from a human or the automated system. Other tickets have been merged with other tickets that never got responses. Some tickets were elevated to Trust and Safety and never responded to.

We were throttled while on the Pro plan. We upgraded to Business to see if we could get more senior staff to help us, but it didn’t make a difference. So we are now on the Free plan, since we’re only using Cloudflare for DNS records right now.

Ah, that’s the key part here. Once Trust & Safety are involved there are very few people who can help you, most support staff can’t even see the case once it goes to them. I’m afraid all you can do is follow up with them via email and see what they advise, we can’t help with abuse related issues at all here.

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