Properly request redirecting

I would like that any request to** , shall be redirected to** (note that preserving the suffix is crucial!!).
Failed implementing by “Page Rule” / “Redirect Rules”.
Any help is highly required


Assuming that the DNS records for the redirect-from domain are proxied :orange:, you could adapt from Example 3 below:

Hi @cbrandt

As mentioned I have tried adapting the suggestion, no redirection and 401 …

What I could I miss here ?


You have not mentioned specifics of your redirect rule. Do you mind to share the expression in the rule?

Hi @cbrandt



As the underlined example shows, the field URI should start with a slash and contain only path + query string.

If you want to match your hostname, use instead the Hostname field.

@cbrandt Indeed, this have “made the trick” and we can see the requests are being redirected. Yet, I dont see a way to redirect the headers from the original request as well. Any idea ?
Thx - Albert

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You can use Transform Rules. Please check the documentation and :search: this community on how to create one, and if needed, open a separate topic. I’ve marked this as solved.

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