Properly pointing mx record to dovecot/postfix email server

I am a noob and this is my first time setting up an email and web server so please forgive the lack of expertise. I have a webserver running at with an A record pointing towards my ip address. This works great. Then I have a dovecot/postfix email server running on the same ip address (same server + same router + same ISP + same ip address etc.).

I have been through multiple guides which all seem to give different instructions as none of them are particular to cloud flare. My question is,

What is the proper way to configure my records (MX, A, C, etc.) to point towards my mail server for emails?

Please help, and be very specific, as I am very unfamiliar with Record pointing.

There is only one particular thing about Cloudflare, for everything else you should simply follow the next best tutorial when it comes to MX records.

The one particular thing is that you should make sure that all mail related records are not proxied but marked as :grey: instead. Thats it.

Thank you. As of now, I dont have them proxied. Would you be able to verify that i am following the tutorials correctly and my records are properly configured? Since my webserver is working, I have only posted my records below in regards to my email server.

For my MX records (that are not currently working correctly) I have


Then for my A records I have

Is this the proper way to configure this? Please help with a bit more specificity. Any and all help is super appreciated! Thank you kindly!

That is generally a bit out of the scope of the forum here, as this is a general question and not specific to Cloudflare, but if you post the domain, I could have a quick look :slight_smile:

Oh okay, I apologize. If you could have a look I would be super obliged! The domain is

Change the name of your MX record from “mail” to your naked domain or “@”.

Right now you dont have an MX record for but for instead. That should be all however, the A record looks alright.

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Thank you so much!

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