Proper mailhost failover / continuity

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Wondering if there is a correct way to do DNS mx failover through cloudflare with no loadbalancer ?
Im seeing suggestions of two mx records with same weight and A record but different IPs i thought this was a big no no ? I wondered if Cloudflare has a service that can detect an primary mailhost is down / uncontactable and then update an A record to a different IP ?
example non owned domain and local IP examples would be WAN ips with PTRs in place. = MX 0 << goes offline = MX 0 <<<< this is activated when the primary isnt available then behind the scenes i would have data replication to seperate hardware. this would mean clients dont need to change DNS records for the host in or outbound - most mail continuity services involve “webmail” and the sent being left on secondary hardware not in their primary mailstore.
Any help would be appreciated !

No. Cloudflare is the DNS provider and does not need to do this. Your EMail programm will automatically chose the next MX entry when the first fails. It will also not fallback or change any MX settings as it just offers its “features” for domains that are proxied :orange: and MX entries never shall be proxied.

But Cloudflare also does not need to do this then the multiple MX setup is made for exactly this, to provide a native fallback/failover.

My advise:
just take big Mail-Provider as an example and try to setup a MX-Setup like they have (two MX entries are enough).


So you see also google uses the same A-Record (@, which stands for your domain) with twice the same weight and a different target-IP (or domain). So there is nothing wrong about this.

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Yes i see that thankyou for your reply! I guess my issue is more the back end then and how you would know if server A wasnt routing mail when server B is and the automation of message synchronisation

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