Proper email changing of MX and TXT data for website


I have modified the MX and TXT data on my Cloudflare account for one website as follow:

MX mail handled by
default._domainkey SPF : v=spf1 ?all Automatic

I’ve put in what my new email account hoster told me.

However it does not work, any help please?



That MX record looks good to me. What’s not working? Is mail bouncing back to senders?

The SPF record doesn’t look correct, though. For now, leave that one off until you get basic email working.

default._domainkey is for your DKIM record not SPF. To create an SPF record you just want a single TXT record (do NOT use record type SPF - it’s deprecated and I don’t even know why Cloudflare still let us define it):

Type: TXT
Name: @
Content: v=spf1 ?all
TTL: Automatic

Your DKIM record (if needed) will be a long string (as it contains a public key which is normaly at least 1028bits and should be 2048bits presently), that’s the one that’ll be called default._domainkey.

Note that your TXT record for SPF will only affect oubound mail, and MX record will only affect inbound. So that’ll tell you where your issue is… if you can’t receive you messed up your MX, if you can’t send (well, sent mail doesn’t get accepted) it’s your SPF.


Thanks :slight_smile:

I just changed so the “default._domainkey” to “@”.

Let’s wait maybe a bit to it be active and see then.

Considering there’s no host ‘’, that still doesn’t sound right.

Doesn’t need a host of that name, include pulls in the content of the corresponding TXT record and that exists so it should work.

However, the record has been defined as: descriptive text "SPF : v=spf1 ?all"

which is just nonsense - should be: descriptive text "v=spf1 ?all"

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Thanks, I just changed that, let’ see :slight_smile:

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