Proper A record to activate page rules

I understand that to use page rules for URL redirect an A record with orange cloud needs to be set up in DNS.

I see people suggesting various IP for the A record and basically saying it can be anything because the orange cloud server will intercept the http requests.

Couldn’t or Shouldn’t there just be some specific setting rather than choosing an arbitrary IP address?

If using orange cloud, why require an IP address that isn’t used?

And, yes, I know it works it just seems unnecessarily confusing and arbitrary. Am I missing something?

People use redirects for a variety of reasons. I might create a page rule to redirect* to The rest of my site would be served off of www which needs a valid A record pointing to it’s origin.

In a scenario where you are redirecting to another host the origin doesn’t really matter because no traffic is ever intended to go to it. So you can create an A record which points to (an IP reserved for documentation, but which is considered valid on Cloudflare).

If/when we add a redirect only type record in DNS (which doesn’t actually exist, but why not add it?) then the step of defining the host so an external user can resolve it would be ‘hidden’ behind the creation of the forwarding record. But for the moment we don’t have that type of feature and page rules are the mechanism to implement that as well as path specific forwarding.


Gotcha. Thanks, I will change the seemingly arbitrary currently using to, which seems wiser to me, especially after a bit of research and finding these:

Functionally they are equivalent (and I admit to using before)… but as a best practice the 192 address is probably a better choice. :slight_smile:

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I agree. I hope someday Cloudflare does at a redirect only record. It would be less confusing for new users and probably reduce support questions

Is there a way to close these out, or just wait ?

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