Propagation of Nameservers is taking forever to Propagate

Why is it taking so long for propagation of Cloudflare Nameservers ?

What is your domain?

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my domain is k9canemarketing dot com, thank you

Contact your domain registrar and ask them to disable DNSSEC


ok…what would be the next step after DNSSEC is disabled?

should not be anything, removing that should allow the ns change you have in to properly propagate

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ok…hopefully this works…will i be able to enable the DNSSEC after propagation?

yes, you can enable that from the dash once it’s active in your account

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When you activate DNSSEC, you need to activate it in Cloudflare first and then enter the provided values at your registrar.

DNSSEC isn’t disabled yet. The .com zone is still sending DS and RRSIG records for your domain.

You can check on DNSSEC Analyzer - As long as it says Found 3 DS records for in the com zone, DNSSEC is still active.


ok…waiting on domain registrar to disable DNSSEC.

It seems I am going to have to wait 24 hrs to talk with a tech higher up on the food chain at Bluehost before I get this issue dealt with (just to disable the DNSSEC) smh. Thank you anyways. I will get back to you and let you know how it turns out.

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Ouch. Let us know how it works out. That’s a pain.

Ahh, you’re not the first person having issues with disabling DNSSEC at Bluehost.

See also Cloudflare Premium via Bluehost causing DNS Resolution 1001 and Setting up CloudFlare DNSSEC in BlueHost - #5 by glendachristina.

A person in the second link said the Bluehost support gave them this link, though I have no idea if it is still active:

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Hello, Instead of waiting like that tech wanted me to do. I reverted back to their original nameservers and that made the DNSSEC switch appear. Disabled it myself then added back the Cloudflare nameservers back in, waited until this morning and yes it has propagated worldwide except for 5 servers. Thank you very much. I am very appreciative. Now should I ask Bluehost to enable back the DNSSEC (because once you change to Cloudflare severs you don’t see the DNSSEC switch anymore) after the last 5 servers (on [whatsmydns dot net) displays) propagate, or is there a DNSSEC switch on Cloudflare that I have to set first (i didn’t locate a DNSSEC tab/switch on Cloudflare) ?

You can activate DNSSEC in Cloudflare and ask the Bluehost support to activate DNSSEC with the provided values, but I really recommend against trying that from the experience other people had with that.

Ok so don’t activate the Bluehost DNSSEC, but do activate the Cloudflare DNSSEC?

Where do I find the DNSSEC in Cloudflare?

You should activate either both of them or neither. I’m just sceptical that the Bluehost support will activate DNSSEC correctly, but you might as well give it a try.

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