Propagation not complete after 72 hours

Registrar is Network Solutions. DNSSEC doesn’t appear to be enabled. DNS was hosted by the web hosting company and Network Solutions appears to want a paid account with NS at Network Solutions in order to use DNSSEC.


Created a Cloudflare account and updated Network Solutions 72 hours ago to point name servers to Cloudflare servers. DNS hasn’t fully propagated - Google and OpenDNS for example show Server failed when resolving this domain. What’s holding up the propagation?

Here’s a sample error for users sending email:
550 5.4.312 Message expired, DNS query failed(ServerFailure)
Server at ( returned 450 4.4.312 DNS query failed [Message=ServerFailure] [] [EDE=6 (DNSSEC Bogus): () (ServerFailure)

This doesn’t seem to affect everyone sending email - I can send to them without any delays or errors.

What am I missing? Thanks.

Although DNSSEC is not currently enabled within Cloudflare, DNSSEC is actually enabled on the mentioned domain, as the parent registry is publishing DS records in to the DNS system:

$ dig +noall +answer DS         3600    IN      DS      16956 13 2 A56046E0F85700200817BBA52771126736E67649A04527B245471D15 5B502330         3600    IN      DS      16956 13 4 AF6B38FF83BE264893ADB77A4902AC0C30115FE4A764EE19D73CE98D AD54A5C2F5D1B296EDF600859D2DB856BD6C66D2         3600    IN      DS      16956 13 1 89CD23B4EAC2B8829BA327B7357B07C71C496E57

Same issue, and same available solution(s), as mentioned over here:


@DarkDeviL Thank you, You’ve provided the key to solving this. I was misled by Network Solutions documentation that I found that indicated that you need a paid service to have DNSSEC enabled. In my Network Solutions advanced tools page, there’s also NO DNSSEC button that shows up in their documentation.

When I reached out to Network Solutions support, they confirmed that DNSSEC is on. Updating the keys at Network Solutions and I have Cloudflare publish the information as well.

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