Propagation Issue for k-rp dot com

Good Morning,

We’re having an issue with one of our vendor websites, The site will work sometimes, but not others. It often times out and I have narrowed it down to a DNS propagation issue.
I can see their name servers are and
Doing an NS Lookup, I see that both name servers have 3 IP addresses assigned to them:

Using NS Lookup to query each of these servers for, I get the following results: returns IP times out and doesn’t give a response returns the proper IP addresses: and times out and doesn’t give a response returns returns and

When troubleshooting the issue, I would ping and when there is a problem, I see that the site is resolving to instead of, so it really depends on which nameserver we get when accessing the site.

As a workaround, I used a conditional forwarder on our network to connect to so that our staff can use the website, however, this is not an ideal, permanent fix.

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