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What is the domain name?

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When I check WhatIsMyDNS dot net, can anyone tell me why the DNS seems to be propagating when I use the domain name but not when I use the IP address?

Shouldn’t I get the same results? If that’s a reasonable comparison, how can I fix it?

Sigh. I cannot get the back tick formatting to work.


When I check with that site, for the given domain, all IP addresses being listed are Cloudflare IP addresses?

When you are having Proxied (:orange:) records, they will replace the IP addresses to the public with Cloudflare IP addresses, so that Cloudflare can protect and serve you.

You can move a record to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only, which will make the public see the actual IP address that you enter in the DNS dashboard, but doing so, will make any traffic flow directly to the server you have set there, and not over Cloudflare.

With Unproxied (:grey:), Cloudflare simply serves as a DNS provider, and you won’t have any kind of functionality that Cloudflare otherwise would be able to provides on top of your site.

What and how exactly do mean, when you refer to “use the IP address”?

If you’re referring to e.g. several European locations seeing 188.114.96.x/188.114.97.x addresses, but several North American locations seeing 104.21.48.x/172.67.188.x addresses, that is perfectly fine, and nothing to worry about.


I recognize all of those words as being English but you could randomize their sequence and it wouldn’t affect the level of my understanding :slight_smile: .

When I check the propagation at whatsmydns dot net with these arguments:
then almost all of the check marks are green. But when I use these arguments:
then they are almost all red Xs.

My web site was working fine but then the host changed the IP addresses. (The one above is the new one). Since then, some people have not been able to access it and I’m told that the problem is that the DNS is not propagating properly.

As you can tell, this is not my area of expertise. Where can I go to hire someone to fix whatever needs fixing?

Thanks for your help.

How did you get the idea of using your IP address as a lookup value? That makes absolutely no sense. You might as well enter “I like pink elephants”.

What error do they see?

The URL using the IP address was given to me by the techs at Godaddy which I used to register the domain. Godaddy was my first stop when trying to investigate this problem. I don’t know enough about the subject to come up with that URL on my own.

I have a handful of beta testers - all based in the U.S. - who were getting notices that the page was timing out (i.e., no other error message). As of this morning, all of the beta testers who have reported in say that they can access the site - but we have not announced the site to the public. If the WhatIsMyDNS site is a reasonable test for whether the DNS has propagated properly, then I don’t want to announce the site to the public until that problem is resolved.

Thanks for your help and I am not particularly fond of pink elephants.

Then I’d assume that it was simply a caching issue that was resolved by waiting a bit longer.

It’s really not.

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