Propagation DNS shopify

hello, trying to Propagation DNS record to connect to shopify. I dont have a enterprise plan which I heard you need to do that. I changed the name and IP to what Shopify provided but on my shopify side it does not verify.

All DNS records to your Shopify store need to be set to :grey:. If you post a screenshot of your DNS records, we can take a look.

That “A” record should only have bhookdesignsDOTcom for the Name.

I also see you put Cloudflare IP addresses in for cpanel and calendar. Those should be the IP address of your actual server if you plan on using them.

Just the name and not the IP address shopify gave me?

I don’t use the other IP addresses.

I change it to what you said. Does it suppose to have a orange cloud when complete? Currently now cloud.

Still does not work.

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