Prompted that my account is locked. Not paying your bills?

Make payments for your unpaid invoices to proceed. Your account is locked due to the unpaid invoices. (Code: 1323)
But I can’t find a record of my bills. Or any record of unpaid bills. What should I do about it?

Hi @timer1000

You will need to create a billing related ticket, so you can have the billing team look at the issue, as this is not something we can solve in the community.

How to create a ticket I can’t find anything that says I need to pay anything. It also doesn’t show that I need to pay anything

Hi @timer1000

Log in to your account and follow this documentation for creating a ticket: Contacting Cloudflare Support · Cloudflare Support docs

Our system says you have bad debt, so you need to solve this with the billing team.

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