"Project not configured" error after using dns proxy

After I activated proxy in my dns table, I started having errors when trying to load my webpage.

It’s not always the same page having the issue depending on the device I use.

The page only displays: “Projcet not configured”

Does anyone has any idea of what the problem could be? Maybe pointing me towards the appropriate documentation?


Did your site work fine on HTTPS before you used Cloudflare?

Yes, it was working perfectly fine.

What’s the domain?

Thanks for trying to help Sandro.

I usually get the error with pages when trying to access from the links in the footer.
But it’s not always the same page erroring. Sometime most of them. Sometimes just one.

I understand you are using Brizy and that message is not a Cloudflare message, so it will be sent by the server.

Maybe you could start a thread on their forum and clarify when they are sending this, as Cloudflare won’t be involved here I am afraid.

I just got the error message and it was sent a part of a 400


You’d really need to clarify the issue with your host here

Thanks Sandro. I’ll see with them.

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