Prohibit unauthorized domains from loading my image URL and embedding it in an <img

Hi all, I have a problem with R2 images

I want to put the URL in an tag so that only on my domain can be loaded. How could I do this so that someone can’t maliciously load my image and make me waste data?

I have tried CORS but it avoids it only when fetching, not when putting the image URL in the tag

Hey there,

To avoid other domains from using your R2 objects, I would recommend you configure a custom domain for the bucket and then enabling hotlink protection for your domain so that requests accessing your images from outside your domain are blocked.

I understand that I can’t do this without buying a domain, right?

A few days ago I activated the domain I use on my website for the bucket and I found that my website was inaccessible.

Can you not use a subdomain of your existing domain?

Can I do this by simply typing when I am prompted for the domain to connect to the bucket?

Have you tried it?

Yes, it works

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