Programmatically control quality settings

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I am using cloudflare stream for a clients video site, where we overlay the cloudflare player with own controls. Some users are complaining that there is no way to explicitly set a quality setting.
Are there any plans to enable controlling the streams quality setting by api? So that we could for example do:

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This is not supported at the moment. However, the Stream Player remembers the highest quality level so while the very first time a user plays a Stream video it made require 5-20 seconds to adjust quality levels, the future playbacks should very quickly switch to the highest quality.

If you are able to reproduce the issue, can you share the steps? Thank you.

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There is no bug per-say. The problem we have is that we hide the default cloudflare controls for the video player and overlay our own, but since there is no API for changing quality we can’t emulate the behaviour of the quality picker in our own controls. Since most players out there have the option to manually set quality, some of our end users expect to be able to do this on our custom controls as well.

We are facing a similar issue with fullscreen for iOS. As you know iOS devices do not support HTML5 fullscreen. The only thing you can make fullscreen is the video element iself. However, since the video element is inside an iframe, i am unable to make it go fullscreen programmatically as i would be able to if the video element was hosted on my own site. A function to trigger the fullscreen by the stream players API would be greatly desirable.

Any thoughts on this?

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