Professional email setup from Godaddy

I am trying to set up a professional email through Godaddy and the last step is to add SRV records in cloudflare DNS records and I am getting an error for the name entered.

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What specific record are they asking you to create and what is the difficulty you are encountering when adding it?

It is not taking the name fro SRV records but looks like my professional email is setup in Godaddy. Let me check with that team once.

Is it possible to check from tour side in any way if the professional email [email protected] is activated yet?

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You are missing a dot and the values are reversed. The name needs to be: _autodiscover._tcp

Try that and let us know if it works.

Updated to correct reversed order that was initially unnoticed.

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Hello Team,

Previously I had given _autoresponder._tcp - It worked
Now, after your message I have given _tcp._autoresponder and it is still taken

I hope this is correct now and the SRV records are considered.

Thank you

I didn’t notice that you had entered the values backwards. You should fix that, too.

You should also use _autodiscover not _autoresponder

The correct format is _autodiscover._tcp

I will also update my previous post to remove the incorrect order.

Thanks Team. I have updated my SRV records accordingly now.
One last question. Is the below information true? Did my domain had about 800+ unique visitors in last 30 days?

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