Profesional email for my website / Problem with DNS

Hello, sorry for my English I hope you will understand me.

I have a website hosted with a French provider called OVH and I change my DNS on Cloudflare (OVH the provider is french but my target customer is in South America).

I bought a professional email service on OVH, the French company.
They ask me to prove I am the owner of the domain, so they ask me
"In order to validate your ownership on this domain, please create a CNAME record: to’
I did it on the website of OVH and nothing change.

So I decided to create as well a CNAME in Cloudflare and nothing change. However, I am not sure if my configuration is OK (I can’t send screenshots of my configurations because I am a new user but in the next message if it’s necessary maybe I will be able)

I don’t know what can I do now ? I contact OVH the provider, but they never answer…

Anyone with good advice ?

Thanks for reading me

Make sure the CNAME is set to :grey:. If it’s :orange:, then click on the :orange: and then Edit/Save.

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Hey Sdayman, thank you I just did what you recommend !
How long to take effect ?

It should take five minutes.

Bonjour Olivier,
Vous pouvez aussi poster en français dans cet espace.
La recommendation de sdayman est la bonne pour votre problème, la vérification se fera sans problème lorsque l’enregistrement sera en “DNS Uniquement”.
Je vous recommande aussi de supprimer les captures d’écrans que vous avez ajouté à vos messages vu qu’elles contiennent des adresses IP.

Merci beaucoup pour votre retour.
Je m’en occupe.
Bonne journée