Products on a domain to domain basis or across accounts?

Hello everyone!

We are considering moving our client’s from Netlify to Cloudflare for both performance and security gains. Right now, what is holding us back is that Netlify is providing image resizing for free for all of our clients.
We don’t mind paying but at this point, I am not able to make sure that if we buy a image resizing service whether it applies to all the domains within our account or for each individual domains.

We have a lot of websites in management so it would make no sense to pay $10 for each site.

The only image resizing service I know of is on a Business or Enterprise plan. Have you seen a $10 option here for image resizing?

Sorry, after looking again, it’s $10 for addon (I guess increasing the limit?)

Correct. So it’s per Business Plan domain.
Screen Shot 2021-08-05 at 11.21.50 AM

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What about this?

Well…that’s a surprise. That’s contrary to these: (Addons at the bottom)

But I can confirm I can enable it on my Pro account. Biz account looks the same.

Enterprise looks like this:

Maybe @Laurie or @gloria know the scoop.


Yes indeed.

But since it is enable at the domain level, I am not sure that it applies to all domains under the account.

No. It’s still per zone. Workers is the only product I know of where a subscription is for the entire account.

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Thanks for the clarification. That’s a huge problem for Cloudflare pages product. Too bd.

With Netlify they give image resize for free for all domains…on the free account. So I guess I wont do a migration anytime soon.

Thanks for that, I’ll have to look, afaIk, we only offer Image Resizing at Business and ENT levels.


I see the there is CloudFlare Images beta for hosting images. I am looking for a CF product that applies to all domains in the account to manage images and resizing. Right now it seems CF only allows me to purchase products per domains…amI right?

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