Products' Images of WordPress website are not showing

  • we’re running an eCommerce marketplace using WordPress as CMS,
  • LiteSpeed as web-server,
  • and LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress as cache plugin.

The products’ images in the website are fetched and represented using external URLs, means we’re not storing the images as usual in the local server,

whenever we enable Cloudflare, we’re experiencing the issue of disappearing all product images and replacing them with gray rectangle,

we contacted with our hosting firm, and they confirmed us that there’s nothing to do from their side, as all IPs and other firewall rules are set in the right way,

now we set Cloudflare to disabled in order to continue our work, otherwise we’re not able show images, or even get the last changes we done on our website

To find out why these are not responding properly, please un-pause Cloudflare and visit your website with Dev Tools open (F12), then take not of any errors in the console. They should hint at what’s the issue. You can then pause Cloudflare until you fix whatever is the issue preventing images from loading.

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