Processing Times > 1hr for some video


Seems like if I upload videos longer than a few minutes, especially in HVEC format, processing gets stuck at certain points and can take hours.

Uploading a video up to 2min, Stream processes it in 2-3 minutes.

Uploading a video of 3 or 4 minutes, Stream takes hours to process.

However, the video link is available pretty much after the video has been “downloaded” and I can play it in a browser using the{videoId} link.

So is it safe to use before it’s processed, and why is it taking so long to complete processing!!!



Building on this, Stream is quick to process the Video to 72%, at which point the preview and streaming endpoints work with some available resolutions - 360, 480 and 720. 1080 becomes available at around 73% about 5 minutes later, seems adding 240 takes at least another hour.

CloudFlare does not mark these videos as “ReadyToStream” until the end of this processing.

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4 minute video been processing now for more than 2 hours…

Having the same issue.

Some uploads are marked “in progress” for several days. When using{videoId} link, the video plays back just fine.

This is an extremely critical issue for us and our clients. We have about 1300 videos with cloudflare stream and this has happened about 10 times. The videos are fine when I convert them manually with ffmpeg. I can not recommend cloudflare stream for production use.

Hi all, I work on the Product team at Cloudflare Stream. We have been able to reproduce this issue where certain videos take super long time to finish encoding. I’ll keep you posted on the fix as I learn more. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.