Process of removing domains linked to old webhost

We have recently moved main domain and addon domains from SiteGround to Hostinger./

Cloudflare says sites are at SiteGround and to manage them from there - but our account there is well and truly closed and I and see them listed but can’t manage them.

Hostinger proposes removing domains from Cloudflare now and then reinstating them with domain hosting at Hostinger.

As per Cloudflare help, I have temporarily paused the settings for each site.

I could go ahead and remove them, but the Cloudflare guidance recommends contacting Support before doing that, to make sure everything is in order.

" Before removing your domain

If you experience website issues, we recommend temporarily pausing Cloudflare first and contacting Cloudflare Support to ensure that any issues are fully resolved."

That link for support has a message about high levels of traffic and suggested I come here for guidance,

Basically, am I good to go and just remove those domains and then reinstate them with then new links to Hostinger?

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