Process for delisting from

Hi there,
our domain is blacklisted on

  1. How can we find out why? should filter maleware. If this should really be the case we would like to know where and what, so that we can remove it. Our own investigation could not find any problems.

  2. How do we get delisted? is not the solution. It is a form for categorizing content. There is no way to say: We don’t spread maleware please remove us. And more important: there is no feedback channel for cloudflare to let us know why they are blocking us.
    But just in case I have entered our domain.

Thanks for any help!

Hey Johannes,

Sam from the Cloudflare team here. Thanks for the post.

The reporting form you link is the right place for reporting false positives; we need to improve that language for cases like these.

Thanks for submitting your domain. Our team will review it as soon as possible.



Hey Sam,

Thank you for your clarifying reply and for looking into our submission.

There still remains the issue of a missing feedback channel. The form does not provide a means for you to get back to someone and let them know why you are listing them. I strongly recommend to offer such a channel.


Hey Joha,

You can deslisted your domain ? i have one domain that was listed and i can’t deslist !!!

[[email protected] ~]# dig @ +short

[[email protected] ~]# dig @ +short

Have you filed a report at the URL above? That’s the only way.

No, because the domain is the mx record for many domains on ISP.

Why does that matter though, put that URL, in the form. The other domains don’t count as that is the one failing to resolve.

Right, but i don’t know in which category i have to put this !!!

Not sure if there is a test to check which category it’s blocking it, but put in the miscellaneous or maybe in the no content one. I presume it’s not serving content.

Hi, now was deslisted !!! I put on webmail category.

Didn’t see that one, glad you found it and got it solved. :slight_smile:

The same thing happened to us for, I’ve submitted a form now.

It was rather painful to debug the issue, the only way we found out about it was because one of our users was using the DNS resolver and was kind enough to spend some time with us to debug.

Does anyone have information about how this block-list is generated?